Surrogacy with the
Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital

What “legally” happens if we decide to have a surrogate mother?

We are in contact with surrogate mothers, who have already had a positive surrogacy experience and minimum one delivery. We provide you with a list, of which you choose your preferred surrogate mother, and the procedure starts. Both you and the surrogate mother are under regular control. VIP transportation and accommodation is part of our service.

We cover all the necessary expenses until you return home. This includes all kind of living care, medical care, weekly check-ups, the protection of the surrogate mother and even maternity clothing is part of the responsibility of the Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital. DNA tests, PGD services for genetic screening, psychological and physical tests are done by us as well.

We already know that the most important question is what happens about the papers. We assure that you don’t have to strive about anything. Your baby is named after your surname legally and our team deals with all kind of civil registration issues. At the very first day, the legal birth certificate carries your name on it. So, the baby is legally registered as a member of your family.

Embryo donation allows mother candidate to experience the feeling of pregnancy. In addition it offers couples the chance to experience the excitement involved in pregnancy and the bonding with the child and shared enthusiasm for the couple.

Who should consider surrogate mothering as an option?
  • Females without uterus at birth or after a surgery.
  • Females with a congenitally small or deformed uterus, intra-uterine adhesions leading to an inability to conceive
  • Females with some general medical condition that would present life-threatening risk in case of pregnancy or birth
  • Females suffering from repeated miscarriages, those who cannot achieve healthy birth in any way.
  • LGBTI Couples that cannot carry a child or do not want to give birth due to social reasons.

In the availability of healthy egg and sperm, they can be used and the surrogate mother only carries the baby. We collect your eggs and/or sperms and fertilize them. The developed embryo is transferred to surrogate mother’s uterus. Even though the surrogate mother gives birth, the baby totally belongs to you.  That’s because the baby genetically carries intended parents’ genetic make-up. In other words, you are the biological parent of the resulting pregnancy.

What does the surrogate mothering procedure involve?

The surrogate mother, provided by The Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital, is in the peak of her fertility. Later eggs and sperm are collected and fertilized from intended parents or donors. At the same time the surrogate mother starts to take oestrogen to prepare her uterus for pregnancy, because the embryo is ready to be transferred 3-5 days after fertilization.

Your surrogate mother could be one of the professionals on our contract basis or you may already have someone; a family member, a friend, or someone else known to you. Whoever the surrogate mother is, it is crucial to build a relationship based on “trust”.

In case you are thinking of being a surrogate mother, you should:

  • Be of a young age;
  • Be free of known chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension or autoimmune diseases;
  • Have an overall good general health condition that does not prevent pregnancy;
  • Have previously given birth to a healthy child;
  • Not have suffered from gestational diabetes and hypertension during former pregnancies;
  • Not have a weight problem that would adversely affect the pregnancy
  • Not have drug/substance addictions;
  • Not carry contagious diseases.

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Over 23 years, we made 50.000+ families happy,
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Over 23 years, we made 50.000+ families happy, which also made us among few to achieve this globally. Let’s do the same for you this time.