Egg Donation treatment gives women the opportunity to fall pregnant because they are unable to fall pregnant naturally with their own eggs. Early Menopause, genetic diseases and ageing are all factors that can lead to women not being able to conceive with their own eggs. Egg donation allows women to use the eggs of a young, healthy and fertile donor, so the chances of conception are higher than with their own eggs.

Women who qualify for Egg Donation:

  • Women who have gone through early menopause,
  • Numerous failed attempts in Own egg IVF cycles,
  • Women who are mature in age,
  • Have had ovaries surgically removed;
  • Have a genetic disease that is carried by their eggs.

When considering donor eggs, matching the right donor is very important, so factors such as blood group, physical characteristics and ethnic matching is very important. Height, weight, eye and hair colour, skin tone and education levels are also taken into consideration in matching the right donor to couples. Here at the British Cyprus Fertility Hospital we have a large donor pool and feel we can provide the best chance of finding donors that couples are happy and most of all comfortable to proceed with Egg donation treatment. Our centre is also the only IVF centre that carries out genetic testing on donors. The genetic testing carried out is not only karyotype testing for the normal chromosome count (e.g. 46 XX) but `CGT Testing` is carried out and this genetic testing looks at the genes in detail to see if women are carriers of anywhere up to 200 diseases. We are confident in offering couples undergoing Egg Donation treatment a MINIMUM GUARANTEE OF 10 HEALTHY EGGS, because of the CGT Genetic Testing. Our guarantee and the donor selection made by you with proven healthy donors gives the highest chance of eggs fertilising to best quality and more importantly the highest possible chance of falling pregnant.

Couples wishing to proceed with Egg donation also need to undergo certain detailed tests and screening. Once these are completed the female recipient and donor are then synchronised in order to start treatment at the same time. Preparation can prove difficult as women have very different cycles, so the use of the birth control pill, or other forms of medication are provided to sync both donors and recipients treatments. Preparation then begins on day two or three of menstruation cycle, the donor begins with a series of daily injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce a certain number off eggs and the recipient inline begins Oestrogen tablets to thicken the Endometrium (the lining of the womb). The preparation process for both is anywhere from 10-12 days, the donors eggs once ready are collected and on the same day the recipients partner is then needed to provide a sperm specimen so that the sperm can be injected into the egg and fertilised. The procedures are carried out by qualified and experienced team members and gives couples a success rate of 80-85% in falling pregnant. Couples and donors are protected by our confidentiality code when undergoing any treatment here at our centre.

Studies carried out here in our centre have shown that high quality embryos are produced with donor eggs and gives couples the highest possible chance of falling pregnant. This is why we are confident with our 10 Egg Guarantee to our patients.

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Over 23 years, we made 50.000+ families happy,
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Over 23 years, we made 50.000+ families happy, which also made us among few to achieve this globally. Let’s do the same for you this time.