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Some of the most frequently asked questions by couples wishing to get IVF treatment with egg donation would include: “How safe is the donated egg? How well are egg donors screened?” At Cyprus IVF Clinic, we already perform mandatory screening tests on donors required by European standards. We also consider the donor’s birthplace and run tests for regional risk factors such as cystic fibrosis or thalassemia. Embryologist Önder Çoban offers information about a new screening test – CGT which is now available at the Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital, the first and only clinic to offer the service in Cyprus.

What is the CGT Test?

We know that great developments have taken place recently in genetic science. Today it has become possible to know the disease causing effect of several genetic mutations, especially after the mapping of the human genome. Test kits make it very straightforward to screen for genetic diseases, disease carrying and mutations with disease risk factor.

A list called “carrier map” is offered with the CGT test making it is possible to screen for more than 200 diseases in almost 200 genes and more than 1500 mutations with only a blood sample. While conventional genetic screening could only analyse a few gene disorders in one go, the CGT test allows screening of hundreds of genetic diseases at once.

CGT can be used for the following purposes:

Egg donor selection: Screening of the egg donor for hereditary or X-gene related genetic disease

Cystic Fibrosis

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Tay-Sachs Disease

Sickle Cell Anaemia

α/β –Thalassemia

Fragile X Syndrome

Screening couples planning to undergo IVF treatment: Couples planning to have children can, at their discretion, undergo the test. By doing this couples can reduce potential genetic disease risk that they might carry and pass on to their children.

In case a mutation is detected: If the CGT test detects a mutation, the embryos could be screened for the mutation during the IVF procedure. By selecting and transferring healthy embryos, there is greater chance of having a healthy child.

What does the process involve?

As Cyprus IVF Clinic we give priority on firstly screening egg donors. Other options should only be considered if necessary and performed after genetic consultation. When you apply to our clinic for a donation we will choose a donor that corresponds to your expectations. Once the selection stage is complete, you may request a CGT test on the donor. In that case, the blood sample will be analysed at the genetic laboratory and you will be informed about the results. Blood sample collection, analysis and analysis will take between 2 to 3 weeks. That it is why you are encouraged to select your donor before starting the treatment and then wait for the results. Please use the clinic’s contact form or contact us directly by phone for inquiries about the cost of the procedure.

Candidates undergoing treatment for Egg donation choose a donor from the pool of previously tested donors. If candidates feel that the already tested donors do not match their characteristics then a donor who has not been tested with CGT can be selected and the genetic testing carried out, the results take 4 weeks approximately to be released.

Is CGT Testing only used on donors?

The CGT testing offered at our clinic is open to all patients undergoing IVF treatment. But is mainly advised to couples who are unaware of their family tree and if there is any hereditary diseases or to couples that have experienced miscarriages whether they achieved pregnancy naturally or via IVF.

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