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Why Egg Donation Treatmenta

The majority of couples long to have a family, however there are many different reasons as to why this is not always achieved. Following unprotected sexual intercourse for a year, if a couple are not able to conceive they should be examined for fertility issues. If following examinations and tests it transpires there is a problem with the eggs or ovaries then egg donation treatment should be considered. Females’ with such issues can fall pregnant as a result of egg donation treatment and following a healthy pregnancy fulfil their dream of becoming a mother. If there is a history of genetic diseases and there is a risk of transmitting this disease to the child, egg donation can also be an option.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is an IVF treatment method. Once a donor has been selected and both parties are prepared the donor will have her eggs collected and they will be inseminated with the sperm from the father-to-be. Once the embryo is prepared the mother –to be can then have her embryo transfer carried out.
Egg donation is a legal procedure in Cyprus, giving our patients peace of mind that there are no extra legalities that need to be taken care of. Our treatment is carried out by experienced and qualified physicians with state-of-art technologies.

Who is suitable for Egg Donation?

Egg Donation treatment is suitable for the following: Any female that is unable to produce eggs, has a hereditary disease, a history of reoccurring miscarriages, or multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles. Females who are experiencing early menopause or a low ovarian reserve may also consider egg donation. In some cases, women who had chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment may choose egg donation if the treatment has affected their ovaries.

What is the Success Rate of Egg Donation in Cyprus?

The success rates for egg donations are roughly as follows: the first cycle 70-75%, second cycle 90% and on the third cycle it is over 90%. Success is determined by a number of factors such as age, medical history, genetic make – up, and response to treatment.

Why do Egg Donation treatment prices vary?

Egg donation is carried out worldwide and prices vary from country to country and even from hospital to hospital. The main reason for this is the use of technology , the methods used and the tests that are applied differ for each hospital. The quality of care offered to the patient also has an impact on the price.

Compared to other countries Cyprus is an ideal place for treatment. It benefits from good weather, cheap transportation as well as affordable accommodation all of which helps to put the patient’s mind at ease.

What are the Steps of Egg Donation treatment?

The first step occurs when the patient contacts the hospital with a desire to have children but cannot do so due to a problem with either their ovaries or eggs. The first point of contact is a Patients Coordinator, they will learn your IVF history (if applicable) and then arrange a telephone consultation with your chosen doctor.

The next step will then be to have some routine tests carried out, either at our clinic or in your home country. These tests will determine your treatment protocol and preparation can then begin for the cycle.

Following on from this you will then be able to select your donor and be able to learn the weight, eye, hair and skin colours, facial type, education status and hobbies of your donor. All donors remain 100% anonymous.

Once you have selected your donor if necessary we will sync your menstrual cycle with that of your donor’s. During this time both parties are monitored and a detailed check-up and genetic scanning of the donor is repeated. Once the donor is ready her egg collection will take place and the eggs inseminated with the father-to-be’s sperm. Providing all is well embryo transfer will take place 7 days later and the mother-to-be will be free to return home.

12 days after embryo transfer the betaHCG can be checked via a blood test to determine whether pregnancy has occurred, the patient is free to do this in their own country or to remain in Cyprus to learn the result.

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Over 23 years, we made 50.000+ families happy, which also made us among few to achieve this globally. Let’s do the same for you this time.